Life transitions and life events are a fact of modern living. We help people find practical solutions and enable them to develop the skills needed to cope with life’s difficulties caused by change, transitions, illness and life events.

Modern Human can help promote wellbeing by helping people to:

• Increase your confidence
• Develop new routines
• Cope with emotional distress
• Manage their illness
• Find new ways of living and working
• Manage stress
• Manage fatigue
• Find a new “normal”
• Tell their story
• Help you look after yourself
• Tell your story
• Cope with memories

For Veterans

We recognise that our Armed Forces personnel are highly skilled professionals. When you leave the military, the adjustment to a new life can be overwhelming and at times complex.

Modern Human employs registered health and social care professionals to help you make the necessary adjustments in order to get the most from your new life.

For Life Transition

We also work with those who are moving towards retiring, have been made redundant, going through divorce and separation, moving to university, returning to work or recovering from a long-term illness. We will work with you to help you through this life transition successfully.

For Serious Illness

Modern Human has worked with people with cancer, cystic fibrosis, in addition to other long term illnesses including those with emotional and mental health problems. We can run group sessions within organisations or see individuals. Helping you to develop practical solutions needed to cope with the management of your health status and promote wellbeing.

Working to…

  • Assess, design and deliver...

    Assess your needs, design and deliver bespoke programmes to help you cope with current life stresses

  • Improve wellbeing...

    Our input will help improve your wellbeing to enjoy more out of life

  • Develop skills...

    We will help you to develop the skills required to move through transition or overcome difficult circumstances

  • Continuity...

    We will stay in touch to ensure you always have someone to call

Modern Human works with adults to help to develop new strategies to overcome barriers, helping you and live a full and enjoyable life.

Our Approach

We primarily use activity as a therapeutic medium rather than talking therapy. That is, we engage in activity to develop the skills and strategies that you need. We can work on a one to one basis or with small groups.

We offer:
– Assessment of need and reports
– Design and deliver bespoke interventions and programmes
– Continued assessment and progress reporting
– Clinical and professional supervision
– Service evaluations
– Service development consultancy
– Staff training
We are advocates of multiagency working and if required will work with other agencies for continuity and consistency.

Who we Work with

We work across a variety of settings including schools, local authorities, healthcare and charitable settings.

Our Accreditations

Occupational therapy (OT) is a health and social care profession, regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Occupational therapy takes a “whole-person approach” to both mental, physical health and wellbeing and enables individuals to achieve their full potential (Royal College of Occupational Therapists 2017).